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Collaboration with companies[editar]

Collaboration with companies is one of the keys to the development of the insertion pathway. Improving the employability of the Roma people requires knowledge of the labour market, its needs and requirements, and the commitment of companies in the process of counselling, training and labour insertion of people with more difficulties in accessing employment.

Adaptation, flexibility and professionalism are our keys at the relationship with companies. This way we get that companies become allies and they join the objective of pursuing equal opportunities for the Roma population through training and employment.
More than 500 companies cooperate annually with the Acceder programme in different lines of collaboration:

  • Information and motivation towards employment, bringing the reality and needs of the labour market closer to the participants of the Acceder programme through informative, motivational and guidance group sessions.
  • Training of participants in professional profiles demanded by the market through theoretical training and tutoring in real working situation.
  • Employment insertion of Roma people through labour intermediation and management of job offers, committed to equal opportunities for the most disadvantaged groups.
  • National collaboration agreements: training, labour insertion, mentoring in non-labour practices, awareness-raising, etc.
  • Support and financing of training and employment initiatives adapted to the reality of the Roma population and the working environment with the aim of eliminating barriers in their access to employment.
  • Awareness-raising and anti-discrimination actions inside the company, with a commitment to diverse and inclusive working environments.