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The FSG is governed by a Board of Trustees, currently composed of 17 members coming from different social fields and places. Six of them come from the Roma associative movement, three from the public administration at its distinct territorial levels, and the remaining four from important fields such as academia, information media, Church and banking. In addition, it counts on an Honorary President and a Secretary, whose positions are not executive.

The Board’s work focuses on the definition of the lines of action of the FSG, on monitoring the adequate fulfilment of the FSG’s mission, on managing its resources and on approving the accounts and budgets of each fiscal year.

The Board held two plenary sessions in 2011: on the 6th of June and 19th of December. The Permanent Committee (constituted by the President, Vice-President, Secretary and General Director) held follow-up meetings on the 31st March, 23rd May and 10th October.

  • Honorary-President Pedro Puente

    Founding Member of the FSG, he has always been associated to the promotion of the Roma community. He holds a Degree in Social Work and has held various positions in the Episcopal Conference. He is also President of the social NGO Accem. He has been awarded the Gold Cross of the Civil Order of Social Solidarity and named Prelate of Honour of His Holiness.
  • President Sara Giménez Giménez

    First Roma lawyer from Aragon. She has worked at the Fundación Secretariado Gitano from 2000 to 2019 in different positions, including among others director of the Department of Equality and Fight Against Discrimination, from where she has coordinated the Assistance Service for victims of racial or ethnic discrimination. She is the current Representative of Spain to the ECRI - European Commission against Racism and Intolerance. In April 2019 she was elected Deputy of the National Congress and in November re-elected.
    Shee replaces Bartolomé Jiménez in the vice presidency who leaves the post for health reasons (Dec. 2019).
  • Vice-President Fernando Rey Martínez

    Professor of Constitutional Law and Communications director of the University of Valladolid. Since 2005, he has brought to the FSG his long-standing experience in matters of fundamental rights and discrimination on grounds of race or ethnicity, with particular attention to the Roma community.
  • Secretary Antonio Soto

    Promotes Roma culture and values, immersed in diverse social commitments and initiatives for many years, with the Roma community as well as other groups. He has been member of the Board of Trustees of the FSG since 2003.
  • Member Juan Antonio Santiago Amador

    President of the Association of Roma Development and Promotion of Puertollano and civil servant in the municipality of that locality. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the FSG since 2001.
  • Member Pilar Heras Hernández

    Teacher, she has been working for years for the Roma Association Anaquerando of Granada, and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the FSG since its establishment.
  • Member Antonio Vega Vega

    Publicist and speaker, collaborates with various information media. At present, he is entrepreneur in the high-end decoration and hospitality fields in addition to being a columnist for various media. He is active in the cultural and social promotion of Roma men and women, and above all, in the fight against discrimination and negative stereotypes.
  • Member Rosalía Guntín Ubiergo

    Psychologist, expert in themes related to Structural Funds, especially the European Social Fund. She has developed her professional life both in the public and private fields, of a European dimension and related to the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups and to the fight against discrimination. In addition to her membership in the FSG since its creation, she is currently participating actively as volunteer in Cepaim and the EAPN network. She forms part of various consultative and directive organisms of diverse European and Spanish councils, forums, observatories and networks in representation of the latter, including the Board of Directors of the Platform of the Third Sector and the Eunomad Network.
  • Member Françesc Rodríguez i Burch

    Currently Director of VINCLE, an organisation that socio-educational projects. He has been committed to the improvement of the social situation of the Roma people since he initiated his collaboration with the Secretariado Gitano of Barcelona in 1977. He has held positions of responsibility in areas of childhood, Roma and community development in the Generalitat of Catalonia.
  • Member Jesús Loza Aguirre

    Member of the Basque Parliament, actively involved in the promotion of social policies for the development of equal treatment and the fight against discrimination.
  • Member José Sánchez González

    Emeritus Bishop of Siguenza-Guadalajara and former Secretary of the Episcopal Conference, he is also a founding member of the organisation. He defends a more just and equitable society and fights for the rights of minorities and of the most disadvantaged.
  • Member Julián de Olmo García

    Member with a long journalistic career, linked especially to religious and social programmes of RTVE. He has formed part of the Board of Trustees of the FSG since 2003, bringing his broad knowledge of the world of information media to it. 
  • Member Enrique Llano Cueto

    Economist from the University of Bilbao and Jury of Accounts Censor. He has worked in private companies such as Deloitte Haskins and Sells (currently Deloitte & Touch) of which he has been a member of the Members Council. He has worked as an auditor in prestigious companies and is currently an independent director of several companies.
  • Member Eustaquia Cortés Sillero

    Born in Córdoba in 1975, she is the daughter of the late Antonio Cortés, “El Payito”, who participated in the beginnings of the Secretariats and in the constitution of the Asociación Secretariado General Gitano. Graduated in Biology and Enology from the University of Córdoba, she is the first gypsy woman oenologist in Andalusia
  • Member Carlota Santiago Camacho

    He has a long professional career in different social entities in Madrid such as the Romí Sersení Association, the El Fanal Association, the Barró Association and, among them, the Gitano Secretariat, where in 1999 she was part of the first promotion of intercultural mediators EMFORMA. She is the President of the Federation Artemisa Network. In May 2019 she was elected Deputy of the Madrid Assembly and in July she joined the Spanish Senate as a senator by autonomous appointment.
  • Member Carmen García de Andrés

    She has developed her professional career as a business advisor until 2008, the year in which she joined the NGO Tomillo as CEO and of which she is currently its president. She is part of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF) and since 2017 she is an independent Director of Telefónica, S.A.