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The Fundación Secretariado Gitano Awards were created in 2011 with the aim of recognising the commitment and effort of those people, companies, institutions, entities or initiatives that contribute significantly to transforming the lives of the most vulnerable Roma people and/or who carry out outstanding work in the defence and support of the Roma community, in their access to citizenship, in the promotion of more equal treatment or in their social recognition.

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano Awards include five categories with the aim of highlighting the social, cultural or human work of people, work teams, entities or institutions at a national or international level related to the advancement of social inclusion and well-being of Roma people, responding to the values and lines of work promoted by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano.

Recognises projects, initiatives or actions of a company or business foundation in favour of the social inclusion of the Roma community that have managed to generate real and significant changes in the lives of Roma people.

SOLIDARITY WITH “G” “Tío Valentín Suárez”
As a tribute to Valentín Suárez (1948-2019), founder of Fundación Secretariado Gitano, a man of respect, an outstanding Roma activist and a point of reference within and outside his community.
With two modalities, individual and collective, it recognises initiatives, projects or actions of a person, NGO, Third Sector entity or organisation that promote the social inclusion of Roma people and/or improve their access to citizenship and/or promote equal treatment or their social recognition.

iT Recognises journalists or initiatives, works or projects of the media, people or companies in the field of communication that contribute significantly to offering a real image of the Roma community, helping to eliminate stereotypes and fight against discrimination; and/or contribute to making the situation of Roma people visible in a decisive way and/or promote awareness in society.

It recognises projects, initiatives or actions of people, educational centres, institutions, companies or other social agents that contribute in a decisive way to the educational advancement of the Roma community; or that promote research, knowledge and dissemination of the Roma people.

Recognises the work or life or professional trajectory of a Roma person who has contributed to improving the living conditions of Roma people; or who is a point of reference for other people in their community; or who leads initiatives or actions that have an impact on the inclusion of the Roma community or on the public defence of rights and equality.

With this Award, Fundación Secretariado Gitano pays tribute to Pere Giménez Pubill, (San Quirze de Besora, Barcelona 1914 - Barcelona 1983), familiarly known as "Tío Peret", a man who was an outstanding leader in the Catalan Roma associative movement, who won the admiration and respect of Roma and non-Roma people, with an unassailable life trajectory that made him a point of reference inside and outside his community.

"Above and beyond titles and public activities, Tío Peret was a Roma by birth, proud to be one and capable of being a testimony to Roma and non-Roma alike of what this means. His ability to understand the historical moment he was living through, in the midst of the awakening of the deepest civic awareness of the Roma people in this country, led him to know how to seek out the situations, groups and people who honestly wished to be at his side in this task, whether they were Roma or non-Roma, and to educate both with his example, devoid of prejudice, full of selfless generosity and vitality, willing to harmonious coexistence among all and for all, always placing the Roma as a people in the place that corresponded then and corresponds today to them.

Sympathetic and witty, intelligent and open-minded, he was capable of confronting what and whoever he considered unjust and of raising his voice, firmly and calmly, to explain the reasons behind his decisions, opinions and actions.

Tío Peret has been a Roma person and a man difficult to repeat who taught many of us what we had the responsibility to be."

Teresa San Román and Carmen Méndez.