who we are

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Mission and strategy[editar]

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) is an intercultural social non-profit organisation that provides services for the development of the Roma community in Spain and in Europe. Its activity started in the 1960s, but it was legally established in 1982.

One Mission, the integral promotion of the Roma community

The mission of the FSG is the integral promotion of the Roma community on the basis of respect and support for their cultural identity.

Our mission is to promote the access of Roma to rights, services, goods and social resources on an equal footing with the rest of the citizenry. To this end, the FSG develops all kinds of actions that contribute to achieving the full citizenship of Roma, to improving their living conditions, to promoting equal treatment and to preventing any form of discrimination, while promoting the recognition of the cultural identity of the Roma community. The diversity of our society renders interculturalism increasingly relevant, so we must project adequately the intercultural character of our organisation, both as our hallmark and as a proposal for society as a whole.

The FSG advocates an intercultural society where Roma persons freely and fully exercise their citizenship and contribute to the enrichment of universal culture. Therefore, the values that guide its actions are:

  • Human dignity
  • Justice
  • Solidarity
  • Inter-culturalism

Eleven objectives, one strategy

In 2009, the FSG released its Strategic Plan 2009-2013, which reflects the decision to build the development of FSG upon a working approach aimed at the real equality of rights and opportunities and the elimination of all forms of discrimination. Its objectives are outlined below:

  1. Concentrate our activity around projects and services of considerable impact for equal opportunities and able to achieve significant results by 2013, especially in the areas of employment, education and housing.
  2. Enhance our role in the defense of rights and in promoting the equal treatment of the Roma community.
  3. Strengthen the FSG as an entity of reference in terms of its capacity to be recognised as a responsible interlocutor in the design of equality and inclusion policies at the local, regional and state levels.
  4. Strengthen the international actions of the FSG and consolidate it as a major player at the European level.
  5. Fortify the regional and local implantation of the FSG in the territories in which it already has a presence, while maintaining a coherent focus at the national level.
  6. Broaden the social base of the FSG and its social influence.
  7. Increase the weight of the promotion of Roma culture in all our activities.
  8. Extend the scope of our work to other minorities and groups in situations of disadvantage, in order to achieve an impact in culturally diverse environments, and to gradually convert such integral work into a comprehensive intervention model that characterises our organisation.
  9. Develop intercultural teams of professionals with a high level of satisfaction and competence, who demonstrate commitment and alignment with the mission and values of the FSG.
  10. Maintain and enhance the quality of services and programmes in order for them to be more responsive to the needs of the persons to whom they are addressed and to achieve a greater impact on their living conditions.
  11. Consolidate the FSG as an economically viable and efficient organisation, endowed with more diverse and stable sources of financing.

Eight lines of action

The activity of the FSG is organised around eight areas of action:

  1. Programmes and services that improve living conditions and enhance equal opportunities
  2. The fight against discrimination and the defence of rights
  3. International dimension
  4. Influence policy, influence society
  5. Promotion of culture and social participation
  6. Deepen the intercultural character of the organisation, work within and through diversity
  7. Organisational development
  8. Economic sustainability