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International action of the FSG

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano maintains a relevant role as a key actor in the dialogue with European institutions and social organisations in Europe, working both individually and together with other entities, to ensure that equal treatment and inclusion of the Roma population remains a priority in the European political agenda.

The main lines of the international action in the Fundación Secretariado Gitano are:

  1. Support and promotion of transnational networks
  2. Development of thematic projects in cooperation with European partners. 
  3. Counselling and technical assistance in the design and execution of policies and projects by both public administrations at various levels (state, regional or local) and social entities and institutions which work with the Roma population in different countries.
  4. Transfer of FSG programmes to other EU realities
  5. Political and institutional actions

Nowadays, the international activity of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano is mainly developing through the following projects:

EURoma Network (European Network on Roma Inclusion under ESI Funds)
  • EURoma Network (European Network on Roma Inclusion under ESI Funds)

    The European Network on Roma Inclusion under ESI Funds (EURoma Network) brings together public authorities responsible for Roma policies and those responsible for ESI Funds from fifteen EU Member States, as well as the European Commission, with the aim of improving the use of ESI Funds for the promotion of the social inclusion, equal opportunities and fight against discrimination of the Roma community.

Transfer of the Acceder programme to North Macedonia
  • Transfer of the Acceder programme to North Macedonia

    The project strongly focuses on enhancing the employability and facilitating employment of the most vulnerable persons, and particularly Roma, in North Macedonia. The project also works on designing innovative policy and programming solutions to activate Roma and other vulnerable persons in the open labour market while promoting services for broader social inclusion.

Find your way to the world of work
  • Find your way to the world of work

    The project aims to support young people to better access and finalise secondary school education, with a focus on post-compulsory education and vocational training, the transition from school to work, as well as encouraging employers to diversify their workforce with disadvantaged employees and helping schools to better support disadvantaged students.

Roma Civil Monitor 2021-2025
  • Roma Civil Monitor 2021-2025 The “Preparatory Action – Roma Civil Monitoring – Strengthening capacity and involvement of Roma and pro-Roma civil society in policy monitoring and review“ (Roma Civil Monitor 2021-2025 initiative) is a follow-up to the Roma Civil Monitor pilot project 2017-2020 and aims at involving at least 90 Roma and pro-Roma civil society organisations and individuals from 26 EU Member States (Malta is not included) in monitoring and reporting mainly on the Member States’ national Roma strategic frameworks (NRSF) but also other policies concerning Roma.

    The initiative will contribute to building the capacity of the national Roma and pro-Roma civil societies and will provide them with systematic support in engaging in the dialogue, advocacy and cooperation with national stakeholders.
No segregation
  • No segregation

    The general objective of the project is to identify the current situation in the school segregation of Roma students, as well as the good practices that are being carried out to favor the process of desegregation of this student body. This will seek to improve access to quality education of the Roma community, social awareness and the fight against Anti Roma stereotypes, as well as the empowerment of the Roma community.