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Current Roma youth is the generation with greatest potential for change and transformation in the history of the Roma community in Spain and plays an important role as a positive reference and change agent for their community and the majority of the society.

Social transformations that have taken place in recent years, as the role of information and communications technology, economic globalization, changes in the labor market, to live in an increasingly open and intercultural society, the role that citizens play in this society etc., place Roma youth challenged to position themselves on these new situations, trying to achieve a redefinition of their cultural identity that is compatible with the exercise of full and active citizenship.

However, young people who are in situations of exclusion or social disadvantage, including a significant number of Roma, have had little real presence in youth policies as in the usual spaces of youth participation.
To boost the social participation of Roma youth is both an essential task, since it eases the process of social inclusion in the complicated Roma community, and complicated, because the point from which we start is a community located near the exclusion and rejection; a community in a strong transformation process that affects their lifestyles, their reference values and has the challenge to redefine its cultural identity that is compatible with the values, rights and obligations that mark the way of exercising citizenship in our society today.

Making the Roma youth start to enter the social gaming accessing standardized resources andservices for the youth population, involves setting medium-term goals, design a plan of action with continuity over time and also build bridges and spaces of presence of young Roma men and women in decision-making structures and civil dialogue and politics.