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Self-employment is one of the traditional and common formulas for accessing to employment for the Roma population. 47% of Roma people employed are self-employed, mostly in the field of street trading. 

Taking this reality into account, Acceder develops personalised self-employment pathways, providing a tailor-made response to people who are considering setting up an entrepreneurial project.

Our pathways are based on a double evaluation (both of entrepreneurial skills and of the business model), developing from this a whole process of individualised accompaniment that includes guidance for self-employment, skills training, business training, start-up and monitoring of the project. 

In this regard, since 2016 the Fundación Secretariado Gitano has been part of the network of local partners of Youth Business Spain (YBS), which allows us to incorporate innovative methodologies in the field of youth self-employment.

With regard to street vending, we carry out a specialised intervention that affects the stalls and the people involved in this activity through our Mercaemprende programme.