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Labour situation of the Roma community in Spain[editar]

The Spanish Roma community, constituted by more than 650,000 persons, is complex and heterogeneous, not only for its sheer size but also because it has been shaped by varying historical and cultural processes.

Some key elements to understand the situation of the Roma community in relation to employment include the following:

  • A good part of the traditional professions of Roma are in recession or require a profound reconversion.
  • A significant proportion of its members remain in situations of exclusion or social risk, with low levels of schooling and of professional competencies.
  • Very few Roma persons access mainstream professional training services due in large part to the lack of adaptation of the latter, including access requirements.
  • The access of Roma men and women to salaried employment is influenced by factors of discrimination and rejection on grounds of ethnicity in many sectors, because of the deep rootedness of prejudices and stereotypes in society.
Gardening Professional Qualification Programme (Valladolid)
Gardening Professional Qualification Programme (Valladolid)
Roma men and women find themselves at a moment of profound social transformation, in which tearing down dominant stereotypes in society and conquering spaces for their active incorporation as citizens with equal rights and responsibilities are proving to be fundamental challenges.