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Equal Opportunities and Gender[editar]

In this area we work to promote the equality of the Roma women while working to promote equal opportunity between men and women and also on the equality between Roma men and women. Roma women face often multiple discrimination (as women and as Roma) therefore it is vital to maintain the fight against this discrimination.

When relating to equality the Roma women are often vulnerable people. Therefore, we continue to renew our efforts by working with special programs which promote the Equality of opportunities, and developing spaces of participation with the Roma Women Group (RWG). The Plan for Equality brings a gender perspective into our Organization, and gives visibility of the heterogeneous reality of Roma women in order to combat prejudices and stereotypes.

As a key of intervention we act to favour and encourage the promotion of the equality of opportunity and gender in the Roma community with the conviction than it will product important change in the whole Roma population.  We have an impact on the women's ability and on their independence to take their own decisions, both in public and private sphere. The aim is to convert them into leaders of their community. Moreover we work to guarentee the gender perspective in all actions of our entity and especially through the lauch of the Plan of Equality.

Three areas of actions:

  1. Promotion of equality and opportunity of the Roma women With the Roma Women Group (RWG).
  1. Inclusion of the gender perspective in the FSG programs By the launch of the Plan of Equality of the FSG, highlighting among other actions the publication of the “Guide for an inclusive use of the language”.
  1. Social awareness

Throught various days of celebration such as the 8th of March, the International Women's Day, and the 25th of November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and other actions to raise awareness on the situation and image of the Roma women. The diffent actions go from the dessimination of leaflets, the creation of audiovisial material, and the participation to semeniars at a national and international, specially in Oslo

 The Roma Women Group (RWG)

It is necessary to get up-to-date knowledge on the progress, on the internal and external barriers and the real situation of the Roma women in our country.  To do so we support the Roma Women group. It is a participating group mainly composed by Roma women, essentially professionnals from the FSG who are divided into diffenrent localities to develop strategies responding to the needs and interests of the Roma women in order to promote the equality of gender.

On the other hand the group is tasked with ensuring the assimilation of the gender perceptive in a transversal line of action and create space for reflection on the multiple discrimination that the Roma women are suffering from.

The RWG is currently focusing on the FSG paper relating to the promotion of the gender equality for the Roma women and their current situation, with a special inttention on the youth and the use of new technologies, the diversity among the Roma women and the internal and external barriers they are facing, the change and evolution in the assigned roles.

 Roma and women

“They called me Roma and they forgot to call me woman. All women, all Roma” it is the titlle of the leaflet and brochure that we have edited as an awaress-raising action on the the Roma women's image and situation in order to show their diversity and question some stereotypes which affect them.

We also bring the current perspective and needs of the Roma women to the diverse platforms in which we work for the promotion equality of opportunity for vulnarable groups: group for  inclusion and equality of the State Council for the Roma population, group for equality of gender of the State Council of NGO, group of work on equality of the Third Setor Platform. Furthermore, we participate in the main state actions on equality (8 of March, 25th of November).

Therefore from our department we look after the implementation of the Plan for Equality of the FSG, we have plublished the “guide for an inclusive use of the language” and we work to promote the gender perspective in our program at national and territorial levels.