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NET KARD Project

Roma is the ethnic minority that faces one of the greatest degrees of rejection in Europe. The NET-KARD Project aims to contribute to tackling this reality by improving and transfering the already existing body of methodological experience in combating Roma discrimination to the different countries part of the project.

There are many reasons as to why Roma face discrimination, among which, on the one hand, a lack of prevention and mechanisms to tackle cases of discrimination against Roma, and, on the other hand, the disempowerment of Roma victims of discrimination, who feel vulnerable and face many barriers in being able to defend and enjoy their rights as European citizens. In an integrated approach, the main aim of NET-KARD is to provide resources to key professionals in preventing discrimination against the Roma as well as to foster networking mechanisms and working methodologies among these key agents in the fight against discrimination and support for victims, namely: lawyers and jurists, police services, Roma associations and media professionals.

Strong partnership

The richness of this partnership will guarantee an integrated approach to the subject of discrimination: National Equality Bodies, NGOs with experien­ce with the Roma Community, experts from the academic field and police forces, and organizations in the legal field from Spain, Portugal, Romania and Italy will work together to implement the project and to disseminate its results and products.

Concretely, this project proposes to transfer good practices to partner countries, to analyse their effectiveness in different contexts and to draw lessons which could be used by others, from a practical approach and from the perspective of each key agent. The methodologies can be transferred to any European country to improve efficiency in the fight against Roma discrimination and in the support of victims. To achieve this aim, the project is focusing on a strategy based on networking methodologies among key stakeholders.


Main activities of the project:

  • National seminars and Final Transnational Seminar.
  • Analysis of the legal framework on discrimination.
  • Methodologies to prevent discrimination of Roma and to pro­vide care to victims.
  • Networking with other agents on equality and against discri­mination.
  • Dissemination of outputs with relevant stakeholders.
  • Guarantee and foster implementation of effective networking mechanisms in each country.

 Timeline of the project: December 2012- November 2014

Project´s deliverables

  • Practical guide to prevent discrimination against the Roma community for Roma associations and other social entities.
  • Practical guide to prevent discrimination against the Roma community for media professionals.
  • Practical guide to prevent discrimination against the Roma community for lawyers and jurists.
  • Practical guide to prevent discrimination against the Roma community for police services.
All these products are also published in English, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (you can download from https://www.gitanos.org/que-hacemos/areas/igualdad_de_trato_y_no_discriminacion/netkard.html)

NET-KARD organizations

The partnership of the NET-KARD project is composed  by the following organizations:

Fundación Secretariado Gitano (coordination)  Contact: Javier Sáez. // E-mail: javier.saez@gitanos.org 


EAPN – Rede Europeia Anti Pobreza/Portugal, Associação (EAPN Portugal)   Contact: Sandra Araújo. // E-mail: sandra.araujo@eapn.pt 

Alto Comissariado  para a Imigração e Diálogo  Intercultural, I.P.   Contact: Vasco Malta. // E-mail: vasco.malta@acidi.gov.pt 


Centrul de Resurse Juridice  Contact: Agnes Csonta. // E-mail: agnes.csonta@crj.ro 

Fundatia Secretariatul Romilor  Contact: Adrian Marin. // E-mail: adrian.marin@gitanos.org 


Ufficio Nazionale  Antidiscriminazioni Razziali (UNAR)  Contact: unar@unar.it

The NET-KARD project is financed in the framework of the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union (DG Justice).