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Studies carried out show that the social image transmitted through the media about the Roma community is often based on negative stereotypes that prevent from getting to know the actual diversity of Roma people. Therefore it is a priority to work with communication and social awareness-raising tools that, strongly and rigorously, contribute to counter this image.


The FSG Communication Department is in charge of coordinating and managing this area. It plays a transversal and dynamic role, combining various functions such as the dissemination of information and news, the internal communication, the management of one of the most important documentation centre in the world about Roma issues, in addition to the training and awareness-raising actions targeting key players.

Through our Press Office in 2015 we have been in contact with more than 300 media and journalists and we have issued and shared with relevant stakeholders 40 statements and press releases (statewide). In 2015, the activity of the FSG has appeared only in print media in a total of 6,600 written press clippings.

In organisational publications edited by the FSG, we would highlight the first edition of the Annual Report online, with the aim of making our results and the impact of our work more accessible to a wider public, in the interests of improving quality and transparency.

In 2015 we renewed the FSG Awards, establishing an external jury and 5 categories which were awarded in February 2016.

To mark 8th April – International Roma Day, we initiated an awareness campaign #YoNoSoyTrapacero (IAmNotASwindler) against the discriminatory fifth definition of Gitano/Gitana in the new dictionary published by the RAE – ‘trapacero,’ meaning ‘swindler.’ This involved editing and distributing a video (2 minutes), poster, flyer, buttons, bookmarks and activities widely on social media and also directed towards specific academics of the RAE. These activities have had a huge impact in Spain (by their diffusion in social media, trending topic, and in the wider media) and also in the Spanish-speaking Americas.

This year the theme of our annual institutional campaign is Education, bringing an end to the cycle of campaigns dedicated to this theme since 2010.Leonor deja la Escuela (‘Leonor drops out of school’), title of the campaign, sought to highlight levels of school dropout among Roma children and to encourage them to complete secondary education and continue their studies.

In advance of the three elections held in 2015 the FSG implemented a programme of communication, advocacy and awareness to position the Roma topic on the agenda of the political parties and their candidates, supported with the publication of a calendar, 4,000 copies of a brochure distributed around all of Spain and an online dossier ‘Elecciones Generales 2015.’

Continuing to develop the Foundation’s work online, our Communications department now collaborates with other organisations and platforms to develop activities of social awareness (such as the Campaign ‘X Solidaria’ among others). We train both internally and externally on public perception and social awareness and we participate in the joint FSG-Plataforma Khetané seminar ‘Forging alliances between the associate Roma movement and the media’.

In 2015 we have strengthened our contribution to the promotion of Roma culture by offering current events and topics of interest on the web via a microsite ‘Bitácora gitana’ among other outlets.


From our online communications we would highlight the work we do via our main website (www.gitanos.org) which had 728,953 pages viewed and 318,100 unique visitors; the biomnthly newsletter Gitanos.org, with 4,825 subscribers; the monthly newsletter Los Gitanos en la prensa, with 3,928 subscribers, and our internal communications newsletter, El Secre, with 651 subscribers. With regards to social media, the Youtube channel had 1,064,662 views, the Facebook page 11,849 followers, and the Twitter page 7,228. The Linkedin page 720 followers. Regarding Facebook and Twitter, if we add local FSG network accounts (22 and 16 respectively) the total is in excess of 25,000 followers.