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International Roma Day is commemorated on 8th April.  It shares the date of the first World Roma Congress held in London on 8th April 1971, which instituted the Roma flag and anthem. 

The flag is green and blue, symbolising the sky and the countryside, with a red spoked wheel in the centre which symbolises the journey from India and freedom.  The Roma hymn, "Gelem, gelem" (I went, I went), was composed by Jarko Jovanovic and remembers Roma victims of Nazism.

At the 4th World Romani Congress held in Serock, Poland, 8th April was named the International Roma Day in memory of the London Congress.

Over recent years, the date of 8th April has been gaining great notoriety, becoming an occasion for numerous celebrations and communications by a great many national and international institutions. 

The River Ceremony is one of these celebrations enjoyed in many locations.  Women scatter petals into rivers and men light candles in memory of their ancestors.

Around 8th April each year, the FSG performs a series of awareness activities, some in collaboration with the State Council for Roma People. 

For more information about the International Roma Day and the initiatives undertaken every year, please visit the 8 April dedicated webpage