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Portugal starts the implementation of FSG Acceder employment programme [editar]

FSG Internacional

Portugal starts the implementation of FSG Acceder employment programmeThe programme, which is led by EAPN Portugal, will have an initial duration of ten months and will be implemented in nine locations throughout the country.

The Acceder programme represented the great commitment to the employment of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano in the year 2000. Based on the idea of ​​promoting the incorporation of Roma people into the labour market and especially in salaried employment (as opposed to working as a freelancer it was the traditional way of working of Roma people), this programme was a revolution and continues to give very positive results. Not surprisingly, it has been recognised as good practice several times.

However, to increase the chances of success of the programme, it is essential that the methodology with which it was devised and that has been refined during the almost two decades that it has been implemented in Spain be replicated. For this reason, technicians from the employment and international department travelled to Porto to train Portuguese technicians. In this training the processes and details of the individualised methodology of the Acceder were detailed.

Acceder Portugal is led by the EAPN entity of Portugal, which will implement it in 9 cities divided into three territories: North: Porto, Braga, Barcelos; Center: Fundão, Viseu, Guarda; Alentejo: Mourão, Beja, Elvas. The program has an initial duration of 10 months, but it is expected that it may have continuity after this period, since the long-term commitment is one of the keys to its success.

Both before and during the programme the FSG will be in contact with our Portuguese partners, offering our help both in monitoring the program and in favouring the employability of Roma people in Portugal.

Given the good results of this programme, Acceder has been transferred to other countries (Romania, Serbia) and is in the process of being transferred in others (Italy and North Macedonia). 

Soon we will have more news about the transfer process to these countries and we will continue informing.