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More than 2,900 people obtain a job in 2013 through the training and employment Acceder programme of Fundación Secretariado Gitano [editar]

The programme challenges the crisis and improves its results by 14% compared to 2012



Despite the current economic crisis, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) continues to create jobs through its Acceder Programme. In 2013, 2.961 people (70% Roma) obtained a job; 14% more than in 2012. The 57,3% of the jobs were obtained by women and 62,8% by young people under 35 years. In all, the orientation and employment Acceder offices in all Spain served  16.274 people only in 2013.

These data demonstrate that, even in times of crisis, if adequate means and resources are made available, results are achieved. According to Arantza Fernández, director of the Employment Department of FSG, Acceder is the example. The unemployed Roma people are active, they want to and can work, and when you put at their reach the necessary resources, they take advantage of them. Only in 2013, 4,501 contracts were signed.

The main objective of the Acceder  programme is to promote the access of Roma population to the labour market, promoting equal opportunities. One key to its success lies in the firm commitment for professional training and qualification of the Roma population through theoretical classes and internships in the workplace.

2.961people obtained a job in 2013 through Acceder. The employment programme improved its results by 14% compared to 2012.
2.961people obtained a job in 2013 through Acceder. The employment programme improved its results by 14% compared to 2012.

In 2013, the FSG futher intensified its training service by developing 497 courses (16% more than in 2012), attended by 3,677 people, out of which 54,8% women. In Acceder we are convinced that professional training is the best way to improve the employability. This year, thanks to the trust of more than 1,600 companies that collaborated with Acceder, we have been able to continue our firm commitment to quality training, from skills training to training for a specific profession.

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano is also committed to entrepreneurship and self-employment.  In 2013, Acceder advised on the implementation of 111 businesses, in line with the good results achieved in the access to salaried work.

In Spain are almost 6 million unemployed people, a reality that affects even more the Roma population.  Our last employment study revealed that the crisis is hitting particularly hard the Roma people with an unemployment rate of around 40%. According to Isidro Rodríguez, director of the FSG, in this context, programmes like Acceder, committed with the social Inclusion through training and employment, are fundamentals.

Acceder is the training and employment programme of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, example of good practice in Europe. Its objective is to the help Roma population to access the labour market, either as salaried workers or self-employment persons, while promoting equal opportunity.

Thefore, there are specialized teams of professionals working for the people who attend the programme, through a personalized pathway in order to follow a process to facilitate their effective incorporation into the labour market, and improve their competencies and skills with specific training, with a continuous follow-up before and after their insertion.

Acceder is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (Operational Programme Fight against Discrimination) and co-funded by numerous public regional and local administrations and private companies.  

Even in times of crisis, 'Acceder' is an effective gateway to the labour market for Roma people.
Even in times of crisis, 'Acceder' is an effective gateway to the labour market for Roma people.

14 years creating employment

Since its beginning in 2000, more than 87,000 people have passed through the Acceder offices. The programme facilitated the access to employment to more than 22.300 people and achieved more than 52.200 job contracts.  More than 18,700 people have been trained in more than 2,000 professional courses in all Spain. Moreover, we have advised the implementation of 168 new businesses. In all moment, we counted on the collaboration and trust of more than 17,000 companies.

Acceder is present in 14 regional communities, with 50 integrated employment offices and more than 200 professionals.  Recognised as Employment Agency by the Spanish Public Employment Service since 2011, FSG transposed the model to Bosnia and Romania.