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  • Scope: Internacional
  • Work areas: International
  • Scope: European

    Actitivity Period: 2014/2018

    Partners Entities: Fundación Secretariado Gitano; ERGO Network; Integro Association, Bulgaria; Life Together, Czech Republic; La Voix des Roms, France; Nevo Parudimos, Romania; Policy Center for Roma and Minorities, Romania; Pro Czeherat, Hungary; Roma Advocacy and Research Centre, Slovakia.

    Objective/ Activities:

    The objective of this programme is the training and development of organizations working for the rights of European Roma community.

    This training includes training and research activities, policy activities at local and national level advocacy, and meetings with relevant stakeholders in policy making at the European level, training for analysis of national strategies for Roma inclusion and coalition building national organizations working on the ground with Roma community.

    This working group aims to train a number of institutions and organizations working in the field by improving the living conditions of the Roma community in Europe. This training gives them the tools to do their jobs at the local level to a European level where they can achieve greater impact. Besides these organizations act as trainers of other organizations that will form and will help to make your cash work locally.

    This programme will run for four years, starting in 2014.

    The main outputs of the project are as follows:

    • Development of research activities.
    • Development of advocacy activities at local level.
    • Setting up and/or management of national/local (pro) Roma civil society groups/coalitions
    • Providing input/analysis of Country-specific recommendations within the framework of National Strategies for Roma inclusion.