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The FSG decided in 2009 to focus its main awareness-raising actions on education in the coming years. We thus launched  the campaign “When I grow up I Want To Be...” in 2010/2011, with a view to raising the awareness of Roma families of the importance for their children of completing their secondary education, a campaign that received the recognition of the European Commission as "Good Practice" on two occasions.

In the academic year 2012/2013, we took a step forward by launching a new campaign aimed this time at teenagers (12 to 16 years old), with the same objective: to encourage them to complete secondary education and to pursue their post-compulsory studies.

Financed by the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality through the Spanish income tax programme “Other social purposes” and by the "Fight against Discrimination" programme of the European Social Fund, this campaign was launched in the Autumn of 2012. The following making of video presents a summary of the main street actions undertaken in the framework of the campaign.

Grassroots awareness-raising

Various actions composed this campaign, designed jointly by the FSG and the advertisement agency Bassat Ogilvy. The first consisted in calling on teenage boys and girls to participate in a casting, in which 180 Roma youth participated in 13 cities: Valencia, Murcia, Albacete, Pamplona, Vitoria, Santander, Oviedo, Sabadell, Zaragoza, Valladolid, Madrid, Badajoz and Granada. The team of the Agency was actively involved in developing the casting, which would certainly not have been possible without the previous notification and involvement of the staff of our FSG offices in those cities.

70 teenage boys and girls were selected among the contenders, who unknowingly were going to be converted into the protagonists of the campaign. Posters (a total of 3,800) featuring their photo and a quote referring to their professional dreams and their commitment to complete their secondary studies to achieve them were simultaneously put up in their respective neighbourhoods and schools, suprising them as well as their family and friends and converting them in reference points for their schoolmates and friends, and in messengers of the campaign.

Impact in information media

All awareness-raising campaigns of the FSG directly or indirectly target Spain's general population. The present campaign did not diverge from this objective, by reaching the public through information media. Reports and news on national and regional television channels, as well as on the radio and the press, allowed the issue of Roma education to be brought to the public's attention. The campaign was also disseminated through social networks and counted on its own microsite.

Public presentation

The campaign was presented in a national public event held on 13 November at the "Casa Encendida" in Madrid. Hosted by Juan Luis Cano, of the Gomaespuma Foundation, the public presentation of the campaign combined humour, appeals and audiovisual components of the campaign, such as the following sound piece, with which the event was opened.


The moment in which nine of the protagonists of the campaign, nine Roma teenage girls and boys who bring visibility to the changes taking place within the Roma community and the advances made in terms of Roma schooling, got on stage, was among the most special of the presentation. The event was closed by a musical performance by Josemi Carmona.

Juan Luis Cano, with nine teenagers during the public presentation of the campaign
Juan Luis Cano, with nine teenagers during the public presentation of the campaign
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