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Since its launch in the 1990s, the Documentation Centre of the FSG, which is located in our headquarters in Madrid, has become a bibliographic and documentary reference point for research related to the Roma community.

Its objectives are the preservation, understanding and dissemination of Roma culture, in order to promote the development of an intercultural society where Roma persons can exercise their citizenship fully and freely, and contribute to the enrichment of universal culture.

Services at a glance

The Documentation Centre of the FSG offers the following services:

  • Library
  • Newspaper library: news items compiled thematically since 1965
  • Video library
  • Bibliographical catalogue
  • Diffusion of information through newsletters
  • Library outreach services (exhibitions, intercultural resources...)


We count on a catalogue with more than 5,000 references, in both paper and digital formats (monographs, journal and newspaper articles, audiovisual material, studies, legislation, theses and dissertations, etc.).

The catalogue is continuously updated, allowing the user to access the latest publications in Spanish and other languages on the Roma community.

Digital library

Committed to taking advantage of the latest technologies and publication formats, the Documentation Centre counts on a digital repository of more than 1,500 documents (monographs, studies, theses and dissertations, etc.).

Multimedia Library

The Documentation Centre counts on a significant audiovisual repository including a large number of documentaries, films, music, didactic materials related to the Roma community.

These materials can be played or viewed in the Centre itself.

Newspaper Library

Since the late 1960s, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano has been compiling news related to the Roma community. It has thus constituted a newspaper library that today counts on a digital and paper repository of more than 25,000 news items. In 2011, the documentation centre compiled 2,413 news stories in Spanish national, regional and local newspapers as well as international outlets.

In addition to serving as a source of information and news, the Documentation Centre is an important source of support in the work of the different departments and programmes of the FSG. It elaborates the publication Los Gitanos en la Prensa ("Roma in the Press"), which intends to disseminate thematically organised news items related to Roma, including positive stories representing the reality of the majority of Roma, as well as news serving to identify and denounce cases of discrimination towards Roma men and women.