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Acceder Program Transfer to Italy[editar]

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  • Scope: Internacional
  • Work areas: International,Employment
  • The objective of this project is to develop the model for an effective transfer of the Acceder programme in the Italian context (South). The Acceder is a target programme for Roma population. The objective is to promote the social inclusion of the Roma population through the access to the labour market.

    In order to carry out an adequate transfer of the Acceder model into another context like the Italian one, is essential to focus on those elements that are essential from the original methodological model while adapting all other elements into the specificity and characteristics of the context where the model is being transferred. 

    The purpose is to launch a pilot experience in a second phase, as the best way to test and validate the transfer of the Acceder Programme in the Italian context. If results are positive in terms of methodological approach, capacity of the organisations, etc, it can be considered the starting point of a scaling up the model to other Italian cities.

    The main outputs of the project are as follows:

    • Feasibility study in South of Italy: In this study the main aspects of the Acceder Programme are introduced, the origin and evolution over time, the main results and outcomes and the lessons learnt about labor market inclusion of Roma. Moreover, it analyses the context and specificities of the South of Italy, including information regarding the situation of Roma population living in these areas.
    • Development of a model of intervention: It comprises the main elements concerning the methodology and the intervention model of the Acceder Programme along with an activity plan and a budget for the implementation of a pilot project.
    • Dissemination of the model developed. The model will be presented within 3 regional seminars, and a final conference will be hold in order to present the main results of the Project.