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January 27, International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of Holocaust. Demand and defend your Human Rights

were murdered in the Nazi extermination camps. The holocaust o holocausto f the gypsy people is remembered with the name of

Published on 25-01-2019 by FSG


Samudaripen Memorial 2020

Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) Chequia recordó a las víctimas del Holocausto gitano. Radio Prague holocausto -gitano-8688195

Published on 04-08-2020 by FSG


The FSG denounces the discrimination suffered by the Roma population in the 2016 Annual Report “Discrimination and Roma Community”

with racist and xenophobic content targeting the Roma community. holocausto -hubiese-sido-gitano-211246/ We contacted the web page administrator and are happy

Published on 20-02-2017 by FSG