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From Fundación Secretariado Gitano we deeply regret the death of Rajko Duric on 2nd November, 2020. [editar]

Duric was an intellectual and leader of the Roma people not only in his native Serbia, but throughout the world. His work is admired and a reference of universal Romani culture.



Rajko Duric, born in Belgrade in 1947, studied Philosophy and obtained his doctorate with the thesis "Culture of the Romani population in Yugoslavia". In his prolific career he stood out as a writer, being one of the most important Romani writers. His artistic work contains up to 34 books, mostly poems that have been translated into various languages ​​from the Romani language in which were written.

In 1989 he publicly encouraged all Roma in Serbia to proclaim their neutrality and not participate in favor of either side. He was threatened with death and had to flee to Berlin in 1991.

He became president of the International Romani Union and headed the Romani branch of the Pen Club. He has been nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in both literature and Human Rights.

In addition, he worked in the cinema where he was co-writer of the film by Emir Kusturica "The time of the gypsies", here is a short fragment: The time of Gypsies

In Duric's work we find references to that great common Romani culture, from which all Roma come (Romipen), that culture unites all the groups from India to South America.  We can also find the pain of his people, the Serbian Roma, who has lived through the horror of centuries and who suffered the war in the 20th century on several occasions. And also the connection with pain of the whole Roma people, the universal “Duquela in spanish romani language” of the Roma People.

Undoubtedly this loss leaves us without one of the international references of the Roma people, but at the same time it leaves us the pride of having his legacy.

Devlesa Kako Rajko Duric

The time of Gypsies.