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Young Spanish Roma participate at the Roma Youth Together seminar [editar]

Luis Cortés and Juan Castellón, from Madrid, took part in the seminar together with other Roma young people from Europe

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Young Spanish Roma participate at the Roma Youth Together seminar

The event has served them to express their concerns to key actors who influence the design of policies that affect European citizenship.

From 5 to 8 April, a large number of young Roma from all over Europe gathered in Strasbourg to give their perspective as young Roma on the issues that affect them to the Council of Europe, a body that makes recommendations to European countries on how to preserve the human rights of European citizenship.

Through this event, they were able to learn about the reality of Roma youth in different countries, exchange experiences and debate and reflect on the inequalities faced by Roma youth in Europe in order to leave no one behind.

In addition, they were able to learn first-hand about the work carried out by the European institutions, an initiative that aims to attract more and more European citizens to the institutions so that their needs are taken into account. They were also able to share experiences with international Roma organisations such as PHIREN AMENCA, ERIAC, ERGO, TERNYPE, who co-organised the event and shared their experience.

Juan and Luis took the opportunity to make contributions on the situations faced by Roma youth in Spain, especially on issues related to education, employment and housing. 

Different workshops were developed on political strength, active participation, employment and professional development and possible actions to support the participation of young Roma. The conclusions were presented to the European Commissioner in a space for debate and reflection.

Juan Castellón testimony: "It has been an experience in which we have been able to learn about the situation of Roma youth in Europe and to express our concerns, feeling part of the same community".

Luis Cortés testimony: "What I liked the most was to see that there are many young people with the initiative to create a change in our society".

At Fundación Secretariado Gitano we promote this type of initiative, in collaboration with different organisations, as they are very enriching spaces and a positive experience for Roma youth.

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