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During 2022, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano has continued collaborating with the Orange Foundation in the EDYTA Project [editar]

We keep boosting the employability of Roma women through digital training with the EDYTA Project.

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During 2022, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano has continued collaborating with the Orange Foundation in the EDYTA Project

During 2022, Edyta training has been reactivated in six of the FSG's offices in Spain, with the participation of 86 Roma women.

The collaboration between the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) and the Fundación Orange began in 2017 with the EDYTA project, a national project based on education and digital transformation. The programme aims to be a tool to empower women who are in a situation of social exclusion and with low employability, to increase the social impact of their actions and to favour their social inclusion through the development of digital skills.

Apart from training and working with women, EDYTA's objective is to transform organisations through digital technology. In these five years of collaboration, nine Digital Classrooms have been created in different locations where the FSG is located: Lugo, Gijón, Barcelona, León, Madrid, Valencia, Badajoz, Córdoba and Málaga.

During 2022, six of these classrooms have been reactivated to develop, once again, the EDYTA training - a 120-hour training programme in which a total of 86 Roma women at risk of social exclusion and with a low level of employability have participated. The training programme uses an innovative work methodology to develop different skills and competencies such as creativity, teamwork and personal autonomy, as well as knowledge of technological tools with the aim of improving the employability of the participating women.

The project also seeks to ensure that women are up to date in the use of social media, internet browsing and searching for online information, as well as in the preparation of a CV, online job search or the creation of graphic and digital content.

Digital skills have been addressed through Orange's online training platform (orangedigitalcenter), which has a course that complements what has been developed in the classroom.

The participants of the EDYTA project have produced final projects focused on Roma women, such as a digital magazine, an informative dossier that narrates in first person what it means to be a Roma woman, videos to fight against stereotypes and discrimination, the podcast "Charla entre mujeres" (Talk among women) or the photographic exhibition "Gardando la Pandaripen" (Changing history).

During these five years, a total of 315 women have been trained in digital and cross-cutting skills, improving their employability through the EDYTA programme, while more than 3,000 people a year benefit from the nine digital classrooms. The impact of these classrooms lies not only in the digital transformation of the women, their families and their environment. The participants who come to the FSG are also benefiting directly from this much-needed resource. The Orange Classrooms are an equipped and suitable space for training, where all participants have access to IT technologies that are essential for improving their skills and employability.

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