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The Roma population shows, together with a high vulnerability, a clear educational disadvantage and high barriers to enter the labour market. This situation is worsened by low digital literacy.

Inequalities begin at school. According to the survey carried out by the FSG published on 21 April 2021 "Impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Roma population", only one third of the children participating in the organisation's educational programmes had a computer, and more than 40% did not have access to the Internet or could only do so with limited data. This lack of access to digital skills and tools is perpetuated into adulthood, generating serious inequalities when it concerns access to work. 

Therefore, it is a priority for the Fundación Secretariado Gitano to encourage the digital literacy of students and improve the digital training of people actively seeking employment, by designing programmes focused on reducing the digital gap in order to guarantee the participants in these programmes access to the jobs of the future.