What we do


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Our work in Social Inclusion[editar]

Promoting social inclusion of the Roma community in Spain is the primary purpose of the FSG and has been its main objective since its inception, considering that inclusion in a comprehensive manner, with some key areas such as employment, education or housing, and others also important and interrelated with the previous ones that enable both equal opportunities and quality of life of people: the health of individuals and families, social relations, social participation and coexistence.

The FSG develops numerous actions within comprehensive services tailored to the territories where it is implemented, and managed not only to Roma or Roma people individually, but to the families and neighborhoods as a whole cores, taking into account the diversity of origins and backgrounds, specially attending the key groups like Roma women and Roma youth.

This line includes comprehensive intervention community-based actions and aim of influencing all the difficulties of the Roma community in the towns or regions where our work its developed.

They are action-oriented training and employment, education, youth work, attention to basic needs especially of children, promotion of women, health, drug prevention or AIDS, access to new technologies, cultural promotion and the fight against discrimination. The intention is clearly standardization; that is, we consider these interventions as a means to compensate for situations of inequality or disadvantage, but ultimately must become dispensable when reality no longer do them necessary.

On the other hand, the FSG maintains a line of work of assistance, training and collaboration with the professionals of public resources or social entities whose ultimate beneficiaries are the Roma community so that they can create synergies with these resources to give adequate responses to the needs.

The political and institutional action in this area is also a key to enable the design and implementation of policies at all levels (local, regional, national and international) that take into account the needs of Roma families.

Our comprehensive services try to promote a constructive cohabitation, taking into account the active participation of community members and not focused exclusively on Roma families, if not all those people who live in the environment, and likewise also answer their needs on the basis of access and use of available standard services for all citizens, and taking into account the need to break the digital divide that the Roma community and other disadvantaged communities is at risk.