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  • Scope: Internacional
  • Road map:From 01.11.2019 to 31.10.2021
  • Work areas: International
  • No Segregation is a transnational project with the participation of Bulgaria, Spain, Belgium. It is led by the NGO Amalipe (Bulgaria) and the Fundación Secretariado Gitano and ERIO (Belgium) as partners. Funded by the Directorate General of Justice of the European Commission within the European Union's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program (2014-20).

    The general objective of the project is to identify the current situation in the school segregation of Roma students, as well as the good practices that are being carried out to favor the process of desegregation of this student body. This will seek to improve access to quality education of the Roma community, social awareness and the fight against Anti Roma stereotypes, as well as the empowerment of the Roma community.


    The overall project objective is to create preconditions and to raise political commitment  for local actions for fighting school segregation and improving the access to quality education of Roma via: combating anti- Roma stereotypes and raising the stakeholders’ awareness, empowering the local Roma communities, establishing cooperation that involve educational authorities, professionals and Roma community representatives.

    The project goals are:

    • researching the existing situation with school segregation at local, regional and national level,
    • mutual learning and exchange of successful models for preventing segregation (from Spain), for desegregation actions (from Bulgaria), for integration of migrant Roma children  in mainstream schools in the hosting countries (Belgium, Spain)
    • training of professionals and other stakeholders to carry out activities for avoiding school segregation and overcoming the existing one,
    • awareness raising and creating supportive public environment,
      capacity building  of Roma and pro-Roma civil society active at the local level.
    The expected results are:
    • Prospection (based on the territories selected for it) of the situation of school segregation of Roma students.
    • Compendium of good practices in the prevention and fight against school segregation.
    • Seminar among administration, professionals and NGOs.
    • Interactive platform with school content and for professionals in which the issue of school segregation is addressed and how to address it.
    • Social awareness campaign focusing on the school segregation of the Roma.

     The project has the following phases:

    The first phase, which is already underway, consists in conducting a survey on the state of school segregation around gypsy students and identifying good practices that will be expressed in a “compendium of good practices against school segregation of the Roma students ”. This phase of the project began in December 2019 with the preparation of the research and will continue until September 2020 in which the results of the research will be validated:

    • Within this phase an expert seminar will take place. This seminar will be very useful for research since it will contribute a variety of visions and richness to research while supporting this work.
    • Once the investigation is completed and the data extracted, as well as good practices, the conclusions will be presented to a committee of experts in the field. Once the results are validated, a publication will be made with the good practices identified in the three countries.
    • In this first phase of prospecting and research we have the cofinancing of the Ministry of Education and Sports of Spain. In addition, the Ministry will be present in the sessions with experts that will take place during the survey and in the validation session of the results of the same. In addition, a publication with the results will be extracted and disseminated within the networks and communication actions of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano.

    In the second phase, an interactive platform will be created with contents for use by professionals as well as students and families in which school segregation is addressed and raised. This platform will be very useful for all the actors involved in the education of Roma students. The contents for this platform will be created by the students, teachers and parents themselves, so it will be participatory. 

    The third phase provides for an international seminar in which the reports of the three countries will be presented.

    The forth phase focuses on political advocacy and through the social awareness campaign "I do not want a segregated school" make society and the institutional and professional actors involved aware of this situation and fight against it. This action will be presented in Brussels and with the presence of the European Commission.

    Field visit to a segregated school in Sofia, Bulgaria, December 2019