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Equality and the Roma Community in 2006

In-depth: Study of 9 cases of discrimination

Social rights: the same for everyone?
Discrimination in employment: reversal of the burden of proof?
Racist violence: a phenomenon on the rise?
Goods and services: open or covert discrimination?
Public authorities: transmitters of prejudice and stereotypes?
Anonymous crimes: blatant impunity?
Summary of conclusionsAvances 2006

Headway made in 2006

Roma Cultural Institute
Seminar and publication entitled Institutional recognition of the Roma community in Spain
Statutory reform in Andalusia and Catalonia
Report in the newspaper El País: Middle-class Roma?
Debate on the state of non-discrimination
Study on Roma children’s access to secondary education
Creation of an anti-discrimination unit and legal assistance group to combat racism and xenophobia
Catalonia’s Roma Peoples Scheme


Anual Report 2006