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Discrimination and the Roma community 2019 [editar]

FSG Annual Report
Discrimination and the Roma community 2019

FSG presents the 15th edition of the Discrimination and Roma Community annual report.

The report includes 334 cases of discrimination and antigypsyism registered and assisted from the FSG offices. This number is 44% higher than in the 2018 report. These Cases have occurred in areas such as the media and the Internet, with a total of 121 cases; in employment, with 56 cases; in access to goods and services, with 57 cases; in the Police Services, with 12 cases; in education, with 31 cases; in housing, with 25 cases and in health, with 10.

Regarding the profile of the victims, it is found that discrimination mostly affects young roma people, between the ages of 16 and 30, and women, with 238 of the 408 victims identified.

Besides, for first time, the report incorporates a chapter on strategic litigation in cases of discrimination, hate crimes and antigypsyism delivered by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano. It describes the twenty cases undertaken and the lessons that can be extracted from their use as a tool for defending the rights of roma people and the principle of non-discrimination.