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The FSG awards Roma MEP Livia Járóka the “FSG Prize 2012” and recognises the work of 10 outstanding individuals with the special "FSG-30 years" award on the occasion of its anniversary [editar]


The FSG awards Roma MEP Livia Járóka the “FSG Prize 2012” and recognises the work of 10 outstanding individuals with the special

The “FSG Prize 2012" was awarded to Member of European Parliament Livia Járóka for her contribution to the adoption of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies; marking the 30th anniversary of the FSG, the Board of Trustees also approved the granting of the special "FSG 30 years" award to a number of key individuals for their valuable support of the organisation over the years: José Manuel Fresno, Bartolomé Jiménez, Valentín Suárez, Ramón Salazar, Enrique Giménez, Antonio Torres y Cayetano Vega, Matilde Barrio, Adelina Jiménez and Obra Social Caja Madrid.

The FSG established the Annual "FSG Prize" in 2011 in order to offer recognition to those individuals or institutions that perform outstanding work in the defence and support of Roma access to citizenship, and in the promotion of the equal treatment and social recognition of the Roma community.

The Board of Trustees of the FSG, in its meeting of 19 December 2011, unanimously approved the granting of the FSG Prize to Ms Járóka not merely for her condition of MEP of Roma ethnicity but especially for her sustained commitment to Europe’s Roma community. The Board of Trustees valued particularly her contribution to the decision of the European Parliament to launch the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies, a historical and political milestone in the transformation of the living conditions and social inclusion of the European Roma population.

Special "FSG-30 years" Awards

In 2012, the FSG celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. Coinciding with this anniversary, the Board of Trustees of the FSG also approved awarding Special “FSG-30 years” Prizes to key actors by virtue of their trajectory of collaboration and accompaniment of the FSG over the years. The following awards were approved:

  • To Mr. José Manuel Fresno García, for his personal contribution to the creation and development of the FSG, to which he dedicated 20 years of his life as Director (1986-2005) and previously as volunteer. Likewise, for his decisive contribution to the promotion of the Roma community, being considered as one of the persons with the greatest knowledge of the Roma people and among the most influential experts in the active inclusion policies with Roma in Spain and Europe. He is currently President of the Council for Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination and independent social consultant.
  • To Mr. Bartolomé Jiménez Gracia, Mr. Valentín Suárez Saavedra, Mr. Ramón Salazar Barrul, Mr. Enrique Giménez Adell, Mr. Antonio Torres Fernández and Mr. Cayetano Vega Saavedra for their contribution to the creation of the FSG and their participation in its governing bodies. This group of Roma leaders represent the courageous conviction that social inclusion is the task of everyone, both Roma and non-Roma. In this sense, they have contributed actively to the promotion of their people by driving and representing in an outstanding manner the Roma associative movement.
  • To Ms. Matilde Barrio Samperio for her contribution to the promotion of the Roma community in general and to the development of the FSG in particular. Civil servant heading the Roma Development Plan since its creation in 1988. The latter has constituted the first plan specifically dedicated to Roma inclusion in Europe, and has proven to be a key policy instrument over the past decades. Matilde Barrio stands out for her outstanding knowledge of the Roma associative movement and for being an institutional figure of reference, developing her work with firm convictions, impartiality and rigour.
  • To the Social Foundation of Caja Madrid for its support, as a private organisation, to the development of the projects of the FSG in the past 30 years, thus contributing to achieving a significant social impact and to improving the living conditions of the Roma community. Caja Madrid has demonstrated its commitment to innovative projects with a positive repercussion on the welfare of the Roma people.
  • To Ms. Adelina Jiménez Jiménez, for her contribution as teacher, woman and Roma in the educational promotion of the Spanish Roma community. Over the years, she has been involved in different projects of the FSG, constituting a reference point for her community as one of the first Roma women obtaining her title of national teacher through public examinations at the age of 21.

FSG Prize ceremony

The award ceremony (“FSG 2012”, “FSG-30 years”) was held on 14 November 2014.

For additional information on the ceremony please see the following press release in Spanish.