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The FSG Discrimination Annual Report reflects the Roma discrimination growth in the labour market [editar]



This report, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Health and Social Policy and the Ministry of Equality, presents an analysis of 111 cases of discrimination regarding Roma ethnic origin and three study cases: i) racist violence in Cortegana, ii) defense in Strasbourg of the Roma widow case "La Nena" and iii) San Roque case related to discrimination in the education system.

The FSG elaborates each year a discrimination report collecting cases of discrimination against Roma in areas such as employment, education, health, mass media approach, Administration relations, among others.

In 2009, this Discrimination Annual Report reflects the Roma discrimination growth in the labour market in comparison with the previous year. The data gathered by this report shows that discrimination regards Roma ethnic origin occurs in mass media with a 30%, labour market with 25%, an 11% in the access to goods and services, 9% in housing and racist reactions, 7% in education, 4% Administration, 3% police treatment and 2% in the health sector.

Among conclusions and recommendations it would be highlighted the need of supporting victims during the claim process to specialised institutions; a practical implementation of anti discrimination legislation;  the importance of having official data on discrimination taking into account sex, age and area of intervention; and the necessity of having equality body to take action in this matter.