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The “Digital Summer” begins in the FSG to promote digital skills among young Roma [editar]

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The “Digital Summer” begins in the FSG to promote digital skills among young Roma

This summer, Promociona Digital promotes STEAM activities for participants of this education programme under the umbrella of a challenge based on the design of smart cities.

This Tuesday, June 6, the opening of the Digital Summer took place, which was attended by educational counsellors from over 40 cities to prepare to bring the most fun version of programming and technology to their summer activities with Promociona students.

This session has been implemented in the context of the Promociona Digital programme, a project financed by Axis 6 of the Social Inclusion and Social Economy Operational Program (POISES) of the European Social Fund, co-financed by Deloitte, which addresses the challenge of improving the digital skills of the students and their families to guarantee student success at school and achieve the full incorporation of families into digital citizenship.

The Digital Summer proposal focuses on inviting students to design the changes that could improve their cities, using technology to do so. To tackle this challenge, the participants will use Scratch, Micro:bit cards and Smart Cities Kits: a series of devices and programs that will allow them to advance their notions of programming and computational thinking in a fun and creative way.

Digital Summer thus unites community reflection, based on the local situation of the neighbourhoods in which the participants of the programme live, with the creation of technological responses to the challenges detected. This summer, Promociona Digital continues to work for access, on an equal footing, for Roma children and young people towards STEAM disciplines.