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The Fundación Secretariado Gitano finalist in the European Digitall Skills Awards 2023 [editar]

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The Fundación Secretariado Gitano finalist in the European Digitall Skills Awards 2023Fundación Secretariado Gitano's Empleando Digital + project is a finalist in the European Commission European Digital Skills Awards 2023 in the category "Empowering Youth in Digital".

The project Empleando Digital+, launched in January 2021, is directed primarily at young Roma people in Spain, over the age of 18, and in a situation of vulnerability.

Data indicate that young Roma people are at an enormous disadvantage to the rest of Spanish youth, with three times the rate of youth unemployment, very low starting qualifications and often with family responsibilities. In order to tackle this situation, Empleando Digital+ stresses innovation as an essential element to improve the employability of young Roma.

Empleando Digital+ provides training to Roma people to improve their professional skills and promote their inclusion in the technology sector or in non-technological occupations linked to the development of the sector. Some of these courses are Google IT Support, Fullstack Programming, Cybersecurity or PHP Programming. The project places special emphasis on ensuring the presence of Roma women in these traditionally male-dominated professions.

To achieve this objective, part of the project involves the preparation of technical staff who accompany the young people during their training and who mediate with the companies to facilitate their inclusion in employment.

The project is scheduled for completion in October 2023 and its presence among the finalists of this year's European Digital Skills Awards is in itself an award and a great recognition for the initiative. The European Digital Skills Awards 2023 aim to recognise and promote projects and initiatives that are supporting Europeans in all areas related to digital skills. The "Empowering Young People in Digital" category aims to highlight and reward projects that attract young people to ICT professions, media literacy initiatives, courses in emerging technologies, or hackathons for young people. These awards are of particular relevance in the context of the European Year of Skills.
The winners will be announced on 27th June.

Empleando Digital+ is an innovative project in labour market inclusion carried out in Spain by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano and the Red Cross in collaboration with Accenture Foundation, co-funded by the European Social Fund. This project aims to assist the transformation of talent required for the new digital era.

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