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The theoretical phase of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano’s Cybersecurity training comes to an end [editar]

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The theoretical phase of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano’s Cybersecurity training comes to an end

After the 6 months of Cybersecurity training, the experience is very positively valued.

It has now been 6 months since its beginning on 13 October 2022, when the first edition of the “Cybersecurity (in the specialty of Pen-testing and Ethical Hacking)” course took place with good results. It has been half a year full of hard work and learning carried out by the 12 young Roma men and women from FSG’s Acceder programme (3 women and 9 men), who embarked on this adventure.

This course has put a new way of teaching to the test, given that it is the first time that a cybersecurity course has been carried out in our organization with a 100% online format. The course has included content hosted on different training platforms and laboratories, accompanied by constant supervision, reinforcement and guidance of a technology expert teacher with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity, either as a cybersecurity auditor and/or a forensic computer expert.

It is exciting and very gratifying to see how, of our 12 young participants, who started the training without prior contact with the world of cybersecurity, 9 of them finish it successfully. They have been able, throughout this time, to carry out their first Pen-tests, CTF, Web attacks, network infrastructure and even in the final phase of training complete audit documents and technical and executive reports such as those commonly used in companies in the sector.

This course consists of a total of 650 hours, 475 theoretical hours and 175 non-work practices in companies that are starting from now on. The initiative is part of the "Empleando Digital+" project of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, co-financed by the Accenture Foundation and the ESF’s Social Inclusion and Social Economy Operational Program.

The support of Accenture has been a cornerstone of this project, which has guided us in the preparation of the training pathway with the choice and validation of the contents that make up the course. In addition, we have had the support of Arelance Formación, a training company specialized in technology, which has made its training platform available to our participants as a place to teach classes to deepen the proposed content and as a space for collaborative learning and teamwork.

This specialized training, the tenacity and dedication of our participants are one more step towards the creation of new benchmarks in the technology sector within the Roma community.

The students of the course themselves tell us how the experience has been for them:

“For me it has been a course of high educational value, good management and a teacher who has given everything to help students grow with the training. Hopefully this course will be repeated again so that more people can be trained in this sector that is on the rise” – Ana Belén. C. G

“The cybersecurity course has drastically changed my life, I always thought of dedicating myself to computing, but I never imagined that this branch would be mine. So thanks to FSG for teaching me this course and congratulations on how well they have done it.” – Antonio M.A

“The course offers me a great job opportunity, as well as knowledge, and as well as friendships that will remain after the course. Meeting some incredible people, both tutors and counselors who fight “tooth and nail” for their students to get them the best opportunities and knowledge.

The great knowledge that I have obtained in such a short time, which I was totally unaware of, has opened my mind to the world. And on top of that, it offers me job opportunities for something that I have discovered that I love, there is nothing that can beat all this, about what you can expect in a course. Everything I say falls short of the experiences and knowledge I have gained from this.” -Isabel.M.G.P