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60 young Roma meet at the 7th FSG Meeting on Participation and Youth [editar]

This time, in order to work on health, emotions and social well-being in the framework of the European Year of Youth 2022.

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60 young Roma meet at the 7th FSG Meeting on Participation and Youth

Around 60 young Roma met in Madrid to reflect on health issues and, in particular, on the management of emotions, a hot topic among European institutions that is becoming increasingly important for young people.

The VII Meeting on Participation and Youth of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano was held on the 25, 26 and 27 November. The central theme was the "European Year of Youth" to build a better future for European youth. The meeting focused specifically on working in the field of health and social welfare.

At the welcoming table, Carles López, president of Plataforma de Infancia – POI (Children’s Platform), conveyed motivational messages to the Roma youth, inviting them to participate.

Mayte Suárez, Deputy Director General for Participation, Human and Territorial Development of the FSG, was also present at the welcome session to inaugurate the conference and to share with the attendees all the FSG's work in the field of participation this year.

Silvana Briones, from Equipo Europa (Team Europe), who is developing the EU YOUTH LAB project to establish a structured dialogue between European youth and different political actors to make a transfer of proposals related to Mental Health, also participated in the working sessions.

In addition, Alicia Bustamante and the young Roma multidisciplinary artist, Sandra Carmona, who guided the sessions with the young people to work on the management of emotions and learn to express themselves through art, were also present to work on emotions and on the use of art as a connecting thread.

These sessions have put the finishing touch to the activities conducted with the network of participation facilitators, who have supported the FSG teams around Spain throughout the year to promote the participation of Roma youth at all levels.

In 2023, the FSG will continue the work on participation that we have been developing with this youth network through new initiatives to ensure that their voices are heard and taken into account on an equal footing.

These activities are organised within the framework of the State Programme for the Promotion of Roma Participation, funded by the State Programmes for Activities of General Interest considered to be of social interest, corresponding to the Secretary of State for Social Rights.


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