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Volunteering: the art of looking beyond [editar]

We celebrate the 5th National Conference on Volunteering of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano

FSG - Área de Voluntariado

Volunteering: the art of looking beyond

A total of 60 people, both staff and volunteers, gathered to discuss cultural diversity in the area of volunteering and on how to better involve young people, Roma and non-Roma, in FSG volunteering activities.

The conference, which returns to the face-to-face format after two years of being held online, is an ideal space for exchange, reflection and dialogue between volunteers from the different territories where the FSG carries out its activities.

Volunteering: the art of looking beyond

Not even the yellow alert for high temperatures that have shaken us during this weekend has managed to stop the development of the National Conference on Volunteering that took place in Madrid on 10, 11 and 12 June.

The conference provides a space for exchange and promotion of voluntary actions within the framework of the FSG. It is also an unbeatable opportunity to continue implementing a model of volunteering in which volunteers play an increasingly important role in the FSG's strategy.

After two years of virtual sessions, we have managed to bring together 60 people, including staff and volunteers, who have come from different territorial headquarters. The conference has dealt with the approach to cultural diversity in volunteering and with the incorporation of young people as volunteers on the occasion of the European Year of Youth. Moreover, it has deepened on various initiatives that will take place this year 2022, in which the FSG celebrates its 40th anniversary, and that will give volunteers a more prominent role.

The first day was devoted to presentations. At the institutional opening, we counted on the participation and collaboration of the Spanish Volunteering Platform (PVE), in this case, through her director, Mar Amate, who opened the conference together with our Deputy Director General for Participation, Human and Territorial Development, Mayte Suárez. Both were introduced and presented by Marcos Martínez, volunteer and youngest member of the FSG Volunteer Coordination Network, which we present below.

The second day was dedicated to cultural diversity and to the incorporation of young people (Roma and non-Roma) in volunteering activities in the FSG. The highlight of the day was the Game of the Roma Goose (Papin Romi Khelipen), which has served to generate reflection and a good atmosphere to work, through games and dynamics, different aspects related to the culture, past and present of the Roma community. The team of Coordinators of Volunteers attending the conference, led all the dynamics.

We also had time to learn about the Vol+ and EvaVol initiatives on the recognition of competences, a session given by Maida Pieper (PVE technician), and to make internal proposals on the organisation of the Open Day in a workshop led by our colleague and director of the Social Advocacy Department, Ana Segovia.

On the third and last day, we opened the conference to other entities working in these fields, such as the Fundación Acción por la Música, represented by its general coordinator, Myriam Estarrona, and ASDE-Scouts of Spain, represented by Pablo Morente, Volunteer Member of the Institutional Representatives Team, and Marta Concepción Mederos, International Commissioner in the ASDE management team.

We had a short discussion with the invited entities about the incorporation of diversity and youth in the structures of the organisations and about the process of incorporating them in internal initiatives, thus giving a greater role to volunteers, especially to the youngest ones.

We ended the conference by dedicating a space to the creativity and feelings of the volunteers who attended, which reflected everything they had learned and experienced during the weekend. It has been an intense weekend but a very productive one in terms of the conclusions generated.

Thank you all for participating and, above all, for having the art of looking beyond.


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