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We stand together to support the solidarity response to the Ukrainian crisis and to demand equal treatment for Ukrainian Roma people [editar]

Statement of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano


We stand together to support the solidarity response to the Ukrainian crisis and to demand equal treatment for Ukrainian Roma people

Given Ukraine's ongoing invasion and the implications this crisis is already having -especially for the most vulnerable population- we are mobilising to offer our resources and services to the Ukrainian Roma population arriving in Spain.

Furthermore, we have expressed our concern regarding the fact that Ukrainian Roma families do not have the necessary guarantees of equal treatment, both in terms of receiving aid or leaving the country, as well as in terms of reception processes in the European Union. Inequality, discrimination and antigypsyism are also present in contexts of conflict. Not everyone has the same opportunities, and Roma people are often victim of rejection and discrimination.

We are working in different directions:

  • Foreseeing a massive arrival of Ukrainian refugees, we have formally informed the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations and the Ministry of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda of our full availability to provide them with the resources and services that we have at Fundación Secretariado Gitano.
  • Our teams and offices located in 54 localities of 14 Autonomous Communities, can be used as a specialised resource for the Ukrainian Roma population arriving in Spain in the coming weeks or months as a result of the invasion that the country is experiencing. After the first phase of arrival in Spain -managed by organisations specialised in the reception process- our work can be focused on the subsequent process of socio-occupational integration of the adults, and on the support and educational accompaniment of the children. We have a long history of working with Eastern European countries with large Roma communities such as Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. We have developed, in some of our teams, specific lines of socio-labour and educational intervention with Roma people from Eastern European countries.
  • We are contacting Spanish organisations providing first reception of refugees to formalise the referral of Ukrainian Roma families arriving in Spain to our services and programmes, including education, training and access to employment, so that the FSG can be part of the solidarity response of the third social action sector to this crisis.
  • We work actively and in coordination with European Roma civil society organisations, the European Commission and representatives of the European Parliament to monitor the situation of the Roma people, both in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, to implement support initiatives and to denounce possible cases of discriminatory treatment in the process of departure or reception in EU countries.
  • We are gathering information and following news from international organisations, social organisations, Roma associations and journalists on the ground in order to update our website and social networks with news and relevant information.
  • We have contacted some Spanish media correspondents in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to ask them to pay special attention to the Roma population in this context and request them to report on it in order to know the reality and make this possible discriminatory treatment visible.
  • We are channelling potential donations to the Roma refugee population. On our website you can find the contacts of Ukrainian associations or European entities that are raising funds to help Ukrainian Roma families.