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Fundamental Rights Forum a FRA initiative to put human rights at the center of the European debate [editar]

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Fundamental Rights Forum a FRA initiative to put human rights at the center of the European debate
  • The Fundamental Rights Forum is organized annually and its aim is to offer the opportunity to create a space for dialogue and analysis on the human rights challenges facing the EU today. The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) had the opportunity to participate in this Forum.
  • During the 11th and 12th of October took place the Forum of Fundamental Rights, organized by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA).

The Forum provides a platform for a wide range of voices to participate. It unites politics, business, trade unions, civil society, the arts and sports.The forum addressed two general topics:

- Young people and the future of Europe
- Europe's recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic

In addition to these two main topics, the Forum organized other discussion topics titled:

- A digital age towards human rights
- Social rights are human rights
- Fight against hate and discrimination
- Strengthening the practice of human rights
- People on the move (immigration and asylum)
- Defend the rule of law and guarantee access to justice

In his final comments, the director of the FRA Michael O'Flaherty summarized in 5 main conclusions what the commitments and actions should be for the future:

  • We need to wake up from our complacency and recognize that no system or organization is permanent and infallible, guaranteed to live in the eternal future. The erosion of the entire human rights protection system can occur without our realizing it.
  • Everyone who cares about human rights needs to get involved and work together on our common concerns. And involve those who are normally excluded from decision-making in the discussions.
  • We need to improve our tools and improve data collection. Communication is about finding new and different voices to convey the message, as is music and theater, which is very effective in conveying human rights messages.
  • It is imperative that we make a meaningful engagement with the digital world and new technologies, especially artificial intelligence. We need to recognize complexity at the technical, legal and ethical levels.
  • We have to listen and involve the voices of young people; they must be at the center of our discussions. This requires that we stop working for people and always insist on working with people.

This year's edition was the most ambitious of all that have been carried out so far. In total numbers, the Forum had more than 145 scheduled events (physical and online), more than 500 speakers and around 3,000 participants.