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Next September 7th the event "Filling the gaps in Equality Legislation in the EU Member States" will be held online. [editar]

The FSG co-organizes it in collaboration with ARDI, EQUINET and the Alliance for the Equal Treatment Law at the the European Parliament

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Next September 7th the event

As co-organizers and thanks to the initiative of the Spanish MEP Mónica Silvana, the Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup of the European Parliament (ARDI) organizes the "Filling the gaps in Equality Legislation in the EU Member States" in collaboration with EQUINET and the Spanish Alliance for an Equal Treatment Law.

For more than a decade, a wide group of stakeholders have been debating and highlighting the need to create an Equal Treatment Directive at the European level, which is currently blocked. Equal treatment and non-discrimination laws must also be promoted at the national level.. However, little attention has been paid to equal treatment laws in  EU Member States. This situation, for example, is the one we have in Spain, where the proposal for a comprehensive equal treatment law has been successively blocked .

To discuss some of the necessary steps forward by the Member States, we would be honoured if you would  join the event Filling the gaps in Equality Legislation in the EU Member States, which will feature a diverse panel of speakers to unpack  needs and obstacles faced, and bring to the forefront good examples and proposals.

The event will focus the debate on the Third Report of the European Commission on the Application of the Directives on Racial Equality and Employment, analysis of the application of the principle of Equality in the EU after 20 years of the Directives, and a series of debates on key issues to effectively enforce national equality laws.

The event will feature live translation to and from Spanish and English.


The full agenda is available here.

Registration to participate in the event can be made at the following link.


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