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The FSG's Emergency Social Fund #JuntoALasFamiliasGitanas (#WithRomaFamilies) offered emergency aid to 4,961 families [editar]

Donations from hundreds of people and entities allowed us to be together with Roma families



The Covid-19 health crisis had such a rapid and serious impact on thousands of Roma people in vulnerable situations that we found it necessary to launch an extraordinary action, far from the focus of our work, in order to respond to the situation of absolute lack of protection in which thousands of Roma people were left.

Thus, at the beginning of April, the Emergency Social Fund #JuntoALasFamiliasGitanas was born with the aim of mobilizing as many resources as possible to be able to offer emergency aid and support to thousands of families.

Thanks to the donations of hundreds of people and companies the Emergency Social Fund allowed us to provide a response to 4,961 Roma families.
Impact of the Social Emergency Social Fund #JuntoALasFamiliasGitanas

More than 20,700 Roma people received direct aid for food, medicine and basic necessities. In addition, the Emergency Fund allowed us to be close to the Roma people who needed it most. Listening to them at a time of great uncertainty for many of them, giving them information, talking about their rights ... all in all, we were able to be with them.

Thanks to the Emergency Social Fund, we collaborated to mitigate the digital gap for Roma students. We offered computer equipment and Internet access to 543 households, which made it easier for 1,629 Roma girls and boys to continue with their distance education and not miss the academic year, something that was proving particularly difficult.

One of our challenges now is precisely that no Roma girl or boy is left behind. It is essential that Roma students can continue their educational process with equal opportunities and compensating their educational and social disadvantages.