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Samudaripen Memorial 2020Institutional acts of remembrance of July 30 (the Great Gypsy Round-up in Spain) and August 2 (Day of Remembrance of the Roma Genocide)

One more year, the anniversaries of the Great Gypsy Round-up of 1789 (July 30) and the Day of Remembrance of the Genocide of the Roma People (August 2) have been commemorated with various institutional acts and statements.

In Spain, it is worth highlighting the event held at the Ministry of Social Rights on July 30 under the title Memorial of the Samudaripen (Roma genocide) which, as in previous years, remembered both dates as stated in its presentation: "Annual institutional act to commemorate the genocide of the Roma People during the Second World War, as recommended by the European Parliament resolution of April 15, 2015. To honor and remember the victims and deepen the knowledge and recognition of the historical memory of the Roma People, promoting coexistence based on respect for diversity. In Spain, the Roma victims of the Gypsy General Prison, ordered as the Great Gypsy Round-up by Royal Order of Fernando VI, on July 30, 1749, are also especially remembered. "

In this event, led by the Roma journalist Ana Segovia Montoya, was opened with the interpretation by Estefanía Rodríguez of "Gelem, Gelem", the international anthem of the Roma People. This was followed by an institutional welcome by Ignacio Álvarez Peralta, Secretary of State for Social Rights, and Beatriz Carrillo de los Reyes, Second Vice President of the National Council of the Roma People.
This was followed by an Offering of Flowers, with previous interventions by Amara Montoya Gabarri, Coordinator of the Institute of Roma Culture, Miguel Palacios, President of the Roma Genocide Memory Association and Juan de Dios Ramírez Heredia, President of Unión Romaní.

In the wreath, institutional representatives and the Permanent Commission of the National Council of the Roma People paid tribute to all the Roma who throughout history have been murdered, imprisoned or humiliated. The closing ceremony was carried out by Pablo Iglesias, Second Vice President and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, who apologized to the Roma people for "institutional racism" in the history of Spain.

At the European level, highlights the press release issued by the European Commission signed jointly by the President Von der Leyen, the Commissioner for Securities and Transparency, Vera Jourova and the Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli. Various events have also taken place, such as the one held in the former concentration camp of Auschwitz-Bikernau, in Poland, on Sunday, August 2, in joint remembrance by Christians, Jews and Roma of the thousands of people killed there during the Nazi regime; or the one celebrated in the Czech Republic, in the town of Lety.

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