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From the project "FIND your way to the world of work" in Seville we continue working with young people [editar]

FSG Sevilla

From the project We stand by our participants giving them support and orientation. Through the remote and online tools we keep in touch and still working from different areas; but beyond difficult situations, we have carried out an exercise to overcome and extract the positive lessons learned that this social and health crisis offers to us.

From FSG we continue working through teleworking in all of our current projects. We have switched from in-person assistance to telephone calls and WhatsApp; we have replaced learning support classes with virtual ones using the mobile phone; and we are teleworking instead of meeting at the office. This is the case of such "Find your way to the world of work" funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

The project (Find your way to the world of work) aims to support young people to better access and finalise secondary school education, with a focus on post-compulsory education and vocational training, the transition from school to work, as well as encouraging employers to diversify their workforce with disadvantaged employees and helping schools to better support disadvantaged students. To support and enable the equal access to quality education and employment of disadvantaged youth (aged 15 to 29) in 4 European countries (Hungary, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria).

During this time we have been contacting with the participants by telephone to find out the situation of our participants and their families. From there we have carried out a needs analysis and we have acted from different areas, supporting those families with greater difficulties in meeting basic food requirements. An effort has also been made to disseminate the most important measures that have been adopted in our country at the economic and social level, lending our collaboration to manage and process those ones whenever our help has been demanded.

But beyond difficult situations, we have carried out an exercise to overcome and extract the positive lessons:
  • We have worked collaboratively to manage emotions and carry out a better analysis of reality. Through a small photographic proposal we have portrayed the empty streets of our neighborhoods, demonstrating that confinement is respected, that there is social awareness and that only united this epidemic will be overcome.
  • In addition, we have opted for training, taking advantage of the confinement time to continue acquiring learning and improving qualifications. Those young people with technical and technological possibilities have taken different online courses. Along these weeks, 5 young people have obtained the Food Handling Card and 7 young people have been trained in areas such as Customer Orientation, Teamwork, People Management or Work Quality.
  • Finally, we have provided educational guidance to those participants who are parents with the need to take care of their sons/daughters. 

We want to highlight the enormous effort that the participants and their families are making and the great responsibility they are demonstrating.

Hoping that everything goes back to normality, everyone from the FIND project in Seville will keep in touch through phone and social networks and, meanwhile, we will be looking forward to meeting again in person.