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In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the DESC Platform calls on the Government to commit to comprehensive measures protecting Human Rights along with public health [editar]

"So that no one is left behind", Statement signed by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, as a member of the DESC Platform

FSG International

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the DESC Platform calls on the Government to commit to comprehensive measures protecting Human Rights along with public health The organizations and platforms who are members of the Plataforma DESC (Platform for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) have been working for more than two weeks, using all their personal and material resources, to support thousands of people in this State who, due to this pandemic, have found it more difficult than ever to exercise their rights and attain an adequate standard of living (Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Likewise, they recognise and value the enormous efforts being made by the Public Administration (at local, regional and state level) given the immense complexity and increasing intensity of the problems we are facing.

The current situation is posing extraordinary challenges on a daily basis for all individuals and institutions, particularly for the health system, given the need for measures to prevent and monitor the disease. There are also challenges in terms of the economic and social consequences, which impact on systems of Human Rights protection in democratic states such as Spain. The Plataforma DESC aims to ensure that the personal, family-related and social repercussions of the approved measures have as small an impact as possible, and do not involve a step backwards in terms of access to rights, beyond the limitation of free movement.  

Following the recommendations of international Human Rights organisations: the rights of all those affected by the imposed containment measures must be defended, especially in the case of those whose subsistence is endangered when quarantine is imposed due to loss of income, threats to basic needs, the risk of being evicted and the absence of institutional support networks.


The key requirements are:

        The justification of any measure taken from a Human Rights and Gender Rights perspective, based on a proper analysis of its impact on these rights, and the most efficient possible use of the maximum available resources.

        The adoption of a mix of legislative and public policy measures in the short and medium term. It is essential to bear in mind the necessary slow post-crisis recovery which thousands of families will be facing.

        Geographical and thematic coordination among all the entities involved (public administration, social organizations, associations of those affected, unions, researchers, companies, financial institutions, etc.).

        The duty to give special attention to particularly vulnerable groups (in health, social,                economic, cultural or legal terms).

        A guarantee of equal treatment and non-discrimination when medical treatment is provided. No collective should take priority over another in terms of the right to health, and the right to life must not be compromised under any circumstances.


Everyone in our society must take responsibility for ensuring that “no one is left behind”, while those governing us are responsible for guaranteeing that this objective can be met. A commitment to Human Rights is the foundation upon which the dignity of all people can be guaranteed, and in the context of this serious health and social crisis, it must be our guide and the foundation of all public policy.


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