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FSG participated in Portugal in a 3 days training and awareness raising sessions with NGO professionals and companies in different Portuguese cities organized by the NGO EAPN. [editar]

During these 3 days, professionals and companies met to stablish partnerships to promote Roma people employment. FSG brought the example of the ACCEDER programme showed by professionals and representatives of collaborating companies.



Three cities were chosen for this Portuguese experience:

The first city was Braga, in the North of the country. Here, the professionals of EAPN Portugal gathered several local businessmen. They were joined by FSG Vigo professionals and Spanish businessmen who are collaborators of the ACCEDER program, they provided their testimony to help to understand the benefit of including Roma people in their hiring, which are outside the labor market. We´d like to thank the commitment showed by the collaborating companies Europrecis and Stampaciones Lemos.

The second training day took place in the city of Fundao, in the center of the country. This is an area with less tourism development and in which employment is more complicated than in other areas of the country, so training can be a differential element when it comes to finding a job.

The third day of sensitization took place in the Alentejo city of Beja. In which, again, we had the presence of representatives of Portuguese and Spanish companies. In this case, the FSG employment technicians brought representatives from Carrefour Extremadura and the company Siles that told their testimony in employment with Roma people.

The ACCEDER program is an internationally recognized good practice that has proven useful in promoting the employment of Roma people who are excluded from the labour market. Therefore, the FSG feel the responsibility of sharing this knowledge with the entities that can promote it in other places. In addition, on occasions like this, in which the testimony of the collaborating entrepreneurs is provided to the sessions, we consider that the impact is much greater.

We are sure that this experience will help our Portuguese neighbours to transfer what has been extracted from these intense working days.