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EURoma holds its latest Management Committee on 21-22 November, hosted by Hungarian partners [editar]

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EURoma holds its latest Management Committee on 21-22 November, hosted by Hungarian partnersThis meeting took place after the European elections, and the subsequent changes in the European Parliament, as well as the imminent renewal of the European Commission. In this new scenario, negotiations on the future of the EU Framework for National Roma Inclusion Strategies (NRIS) and on the post-2020 ESI Funds Framework, including ESF+ and ERDF Regulations, are resuming and entering the final phase.

In this context, the future of the EU Frameworks for NRIS and for ESI Funds remained core issues of the meeting’s agenda in order to review the latest developments and to identify the scope of action for EURoma (EU level) and partners (national level).

On the other hand, although the EU frameworks are not finalised yet, the reflection on the programming of the post-2020 ESI Funds has been already launched at national level based on the Annex D of the 2019 European Semester country-reports. This is a crucial phase to settle the adequate conditions for future effective and successful Roma inclusion interventions. As such, a specific session was devoted to exchanging and discussing on the key elements to consider for the programming of the 2021-2027 period, building upon the experience gained in the 2014-2020 period on how Roma inclusion was programmed (e.g. use of the specific investment priority (IP) on Roma or other IPs or ESF/ERDF specific objectives, approach (target/mainstreaming/territorial), scope (national/regional), alignment with the policy framework…) and its impact on implementation. Network partners also reviewed ongoing and upcoming EURoma Network activities and products.

The second day focused on the Hungarian context. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the situation of Roma in the country and how the main policies and ESI Funds address Roma social inclusion. A number of ESI Funds-funded initiatives were also shared with a view to triggering a discussion on relevant elements to take into account in investments.

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