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We are finalists of the VET Awards for Innovation with our project “Empleando Digital” [editar]


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We are finalists of the VET Awards for Innovation with our project “Empleando Digital”

The innovative project #EmpleandoDigital, which has been running for two years in a joint effort between Fundación Secretariado Gitano and the Spanish Red Cross, has been selected as a finalist in the VET awards.

Cast your vote here until October 15th to support the #EmpleandoDigital innovation project in the VET awards and help to bridge the digital skills gap.

In March, submissions opened for the VET awards, arranged by the European Social Fund for projects that it finances with the aim of shining a light on excellent practice in education and skills training in education, and initial and ongoing professional training.  These practices offer the chance to acquire the skills to be more competitive in the labour market.

In the European Funding for Excellence category, the European Social Fund's award for this year focuses on digitalisation and technological change.

Two finalists have been selected from the projects submitted, including the #EmpleandoDigital project from Fundación Secretariado Gitano and the Spanish Red Cross, co-funded by Fundación Accenture and the European Social Fund (in Spain, through the Ministry for Labour, Migrations and Social Security).

For the Red Cross and FSG, winning the award would be a solid support for the work we have been doing with the most vulnerable to combat inequality and the digital gap. It would be an acknowledgement and show of support for a project that is innovative not only for its content but its deployment through a partnership model between two social organisations and a large tech company such as Accenture.  The project has sought to generate examples and references so that other people join in, and so even greater visibility of results would be an important step in its scalability and replicability.

The recognition of the project by this award would also make it more visible to other social organisations in Spain and Europe that are also in the immersed in this profound change in the labour market and digital challenges, and are looking for ideas on how to address them.  It would allow us to show that with specific solutions adapted to the situations of socially excluded or vulnerable groups, people who may have fewer opportunities can be included in the digitalised labour market, beating stereotypes about vulnerable people and their presence in the labour market, and bridging the digital skills gap. It would also be a spotlight on innovative training and qualification experiences beyond traditional training routes, sharing learnings with all of society (businesses, social organisations, professional associations...).

On 17 October, in the fourth annual European Vocational Skills Week taking place in Helsinki, where the European Commission intends to show excellence and quality and raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities, the winning project will be revealed and the prize will be awarded by the European Commissioner for Employment, Marianne Thyssen.

The winning project will be selected through a mix of votes from the jury, and the general public, both results weighting 50%.

Winning the award would be a decisive boost for projects that promote access to the digitalised labour market for vulnerable people, so we ask that you support us by voting for our project, and share it across your social media accounts as far as possible.  Thanks so much!

Cast your vote here until 15th October to support the #EmpleandoDigital innovation project in the VET awards and contribute to bridging the digital skills gap.

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