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FSG participates in a hearing on the future European Strategy for Roma Inclusion [editar]

The event, which took place on June 26 in Brussels, was organized by the Eurodiaconia network and brought together representatives of European institutions and organizations working for the inclusion of the Roma people in Europe.

FSG International


Under the topic of the future European Framework of the Strategies for Roma Inclusion that will be launched in 2020, stakeholders discussed the obstacles faced by policies and measures for the social inclusion of Roma people, as well as identifying common priorities and establishing recommendations for a more effective application of post-2020 strategies at the national level. In addition, emphasis was placed on strengthening the connection between the specific legal framework for the Roma population and mainstream such as the Social Pillar or the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
For its part, the FSG said that, although the first European framework of strategies that was developed from 2011 and until 2020, has not responded to some of the major challenges that were posed, this framework has marked a milestone in European policies and has made member states to establish medium-term plans so that the social situation of thousands of Roma people improve and they can access fundamental rights such as employment or education. In addition, these plans are reviewed annually by the European Commission itself and also by civil society, which with projects such as Roma Civil Monitor monitors these measures and publishes them in reports annually (link to reports).
All attendees agreed on the need to maintain the political commitment to the social inclusion of Roma and that this issue continues on the political agenda at the highest level.
This year 2019 and the next 2020 will be key in defining and establishing both the political measures and the financing that will be available during the 2020s, that is why it is important for the FSG to be in these forums and to influence the political European level as national.


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