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Fundación Secretariado Gitano helped improve the lives of more than 30,000 people in 2018 [editar]

Reducing inequalities -mainly in the fields of employment and education- and combating discrimination against Roma people at the core of the action of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano in 2018.


Fundación Secretariado Gitano helped improve the lives of more than 30,000 people in 2018

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) releases its Annual Report 2018 which provides an overview of the initiatives undertaken in 2018 at Spanish and European level to fulfil its mission: the comprehensive advancement of the Roma community based on respect for their cultural identity. We seek equal opportunities, personal advancement and social change.

The reduction of the inequality gap that affects many Roma people and the fight against discrimination have been the centre of action of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, an NGO with implantation in 14 autonomous communities and 54 headquarters. In 2018, it served a total of 30,154 people in the 549 programs it developed for training and employment, education, housing, anti-discrimination, etc.

In the words of Isidro Rodríguez, general director of the FSG, “in addition to social intervention with Roma families, in 2018 we have incorporated new approaches that contribute to give a more comprehensive response to the Roma people with whom we work, through promotional policies , the fight against discrimination, the introduction of the rights approach and a strong boost to the promotion of interculturality and participation ”.

This has been the first year of launch of our new Strategic Plan 2017-2023 and, therefore, we have reinforced the activity in traditional fields such as employment, education or the fight against poverty and social exclusion, promoting new initiatives and innovation programs As Isidro Rodríguez points out, "in this Report we present the results of 2018, a year in which we continue working to improve living conditions, reduce the inequalities of thousands of people, mostly Roma, and defend their rights"

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We promote innovation initiatives and programs to provide solutions to new challenges

With “Acceder”, the European initiative with the greatest impact on socio-labour inclusion aimed at the Roma population, the Fundación Secretariado Gitano assisted 18,482 people in 2018, of which 3,843 got a job and 4,849 received training. In addition, 6,181 employment contracts have been signed, with the collaboration of more than 3,145 companies. During this year, it stands out its firm commitment to youth and innovation through initiatives linked to the digital transformation of the labour market.

Learning by doing, a specific initiative of training and labour practices in companies for young people in situations of exclusion, in collaboration with some of the main Spanish companies, reached a labour insertion rate of 54%, with a participation of 580 young people, which has meant a great improvement of their living conditions and their families.

We promotes the improvement of the numbers of school success of Roma students.

The FSG works convinced that education will change the future of Roma youth. That is why the Promociona program: due to school success and continuity of studies, it shows that school failure affecting Roma young people (64%, compared to 13% of the general population) can be successfully addressed if they are given the right. The Promociona -which in October will celebrate their tenth anniversary- worked last year with 1,364 students of which 81% of those who were in the 4th of the ESO obtained the secondary education degree.

We fight discrimination and defend the victims.

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano works for equality and the fight against discrimination. To respond to the inequality and multiple discrimination experienced by many Roma women, in the program Calí - For the equality of Roma women, 1,105 women participated in socio-labour itineraries, in awareness-raising and anti-discrimination actions, with a group of 30 Professional women at the front, of which 25 are Roma.

In 2018, the Foundation also advised and accompanied 729 victims of discrimination and brought 23 strategic litigations to the courts in cases of anti-Roma. This year we present the 14th Annual Report on Discrimination and the Roma Community and continue coordinating the Victims of Racial or Ethnic Discrimination Assistance Service, composed of 7 more entities. We have assisted 334 victims and have trained 2,183 key agents.

Sensitization and social impact

The awareness campaigns “Romani Lesson” and “I don't want a segregated school” have achieved a great media impact with millions of people reached. With them it has been pursued to raise awareness in society about the inequality, ignorance and discrimination that the Roma community still suffers.