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Fundación Secretariado Statement on the recent cases of antigypsy hate crimes committed in France based on fake news [editar]



This week, according to some media reports, Roma people have been attacked and beaten in France due to a false rumour that Roma were kidnapping minors to traffic with them, together with  other false accusations.

After the violent attacks suffered by several Roma people, the French police has arrested some aggressors and has confirmed in social media that these were accusations based on false news.

Once again, we see how antigypsyism is deeply rooted in our society in the form of ancient stereotypes ("gypsies are thieves of children", etc.), and  how it has led to violent acts against Roma people.

From the Fundación Secretariado Gitano we ask for justice and protection to the victims in this new case of antigypsy hate crimes in the heart of Europe.


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