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Fundación Secretariado Gitano launches "Dialogues for Interculturality" Initiative [editar]

We launch this initiative with the organisation of the first dialogue on 10 December 2018 in Barcelona


Fundación Secretariado Gitano launches

We launch this initiative with the organisation of a 1st dialogue on December the 10th, in Barcelona. A space for debate, dialogue and reflection on the kind of society we want and the role the intercultural approach can play in the creation of a more socially cohesive society and in our development as a society. 

"Dialogues for Interculturality" is a space for debate, dialogue and reflection that intends to become a yearly event to promote dialogue and intercultural relations in a cohesive society, putting value on different cultural identities.

With this initiative, Fundación Secretariado Gitano, an entity that declares itself intercultural since its establishment, over 35 years ago, wants to contribute to promoting the value of interculturality in society, and fostering a greater public presence of the issues regarding the Roma community and their cultural identity. This will help initiate a process that facilitates the knowledge and approach to the Roma people, away from prejudices and negative stereotypes.

Generating spaces for intercultural dialogue is necessary in the current context of social and cultural diversity, both in Spain and in Europe. Fear of the consequences of cultural diversity grows from part of the majority society due to a supposed loss of traditional values ​​or the weakening of social cohesion, and in which this discourse of fear is increasingly feeding populist parties in Spain and in Europe. The ‘Dialogues for Interculturality’ aim to generate a debate that goes beyond the interculturality - immigration binomial, taking into account not only the processes of arrival and reception of migrants, but incorporating into the debate the presence in our society of a minority historically settled in Spain and in Europe with its own cultural identity, like the Roma community.

In this context in which some discourses tend to deny or ignore diversity, or exacerbate it by emphasising the differences, we want to propose a debate on the value of interculturality, the recognition of cultural diversity as a factor of development and in the framework of Human Rights. An intercultural perspective that also serves to counteract processes of exclusion, discrimination, inequality and invisibility of minority groups and cultures, such as Roma. We believe that a dialogue and debate is necessary on the basis of a universal language of citizenship, the promotion of equal rights and intercultural relations based on respect and consideration for different cultures.

The event will gather well-known people from the intellectual, academic, media and public administration sectors, which reflect the diversity of contexts, realities and visions, ensuring the presence of Roma people.

This initiative is promoted by Fundación Secretariado Gitano together with the Obra Social ‘la Caixa’ (‘la Caixa’ Bank Foundation) and el Club de Roma.

The debate can be watched on (only in Spanish).