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FSG Celebrates Open Day 4th edition in 54 offices all around Spain [editar]

One year again, FSG celebrates open day 4th edition. The week form 12th to 16th June we take the opportunity to share our work with those who support our work and our collaborators (people, companies, partners, donors ...). Anyone who want to know more about our work, or about the Roma community is more than welcome. There will be activities for all audiences: information, awareness, culture, games...

FSG Madrid


The FSG in compliance of our philosophy of making known our opens its doors to offer information. An opportunity to meet in first hand our work and people (participants, workers, volunteers…). It is also an opportunity to call for the collaboration of anyone who want to lend a hand to make a more fair society. For that reason, we open our 54 offices throughout Spain and we put all our workers, volunteers and collaborators to welcome with open arms any one who want to share with us happy journey with activities for all audience.

If you are interested, come around! and don´t forget to rbing your friends to share our FSG open days.

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