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National remembrance of the "Great Round Up"(30th July 1749) and the Roma Holocaust Day (2nd August, 1944) [editar]


National remembrance of the

Honor and remember all the Roma victims of the "Holocaust" and deepen the knowledge and recognition of the historical memory of the Roma people to promote coexistence based on respect for diversity. These were the goals of the Memorial Act organized on July 21 by the Ministry of Health, social Services and Equality as well as the entities that are part of the State Council of the Roma.

Alfonso Alonso, Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality presided over the ceremony.  The Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality, Susana Camarero, along with representatives and activists of Roma associations paid tribute and recognition to the victims of the Great Round up and the Nazi Samudaripen.

The opening panel was composed of Antonio Vázquez Saavedra, vice president of the State Council of the Roma; Palacios Miguel Carbonell, president of the Association for the Genocide Memorial Gitano; José Pascual Marco, General Director of Policy and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport; Pilar Ponce, director of the Office of the Minister of Justice; Diego Fernandez Jimenez, director of the Institute of Roma Culture and Rosalia Vazquez Barrul, president of the Association Roma Women "Alborea".

After the words, representatives of different institutions standing heard the "Gelem, Gelem" international anthem of Roma, while the Roma flag was placed on the stage. Then institutional and representatives of Roma organizations paid tribute with a wreath to all Roma people who throughout history have been killed, imprisoned or humiliated.

The FSG participated in this emotive gesture of remembrance with the flower delivery by the Director General Isidro Rodriguez and our colleague Ana Segovia, besides the participation and assistance of other colleagues.

The president of the Union Romani and cofounder of the International Romani Union, Juan de Dios Ramirez Heredia, closed the ceremony. A representation of students from different schools, in collaboration with the Artemisa network, played a interpretation of fragments of “Camelamos Naquerar" from the Roma poet Jose Heredia Maya, under the direction of José Heredia Moreno, son of the poet.




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